Cinderella and the Royal Affairs


In this intriguing story, two women, Fabiana and Cinderella, daughter and mother find themselves intertwined with the fates of the 90-year-old Queen and her brother Edward. After inheriting her deceased father’s fortune, Fabiana and Cinderella struggle to survive financially while the Queen faces a dilemma: she has no children and relies on her brother to provide an heir to the throne.

When the Queen discovers that Edward is incapable of producing an heir, she enlists the help of MI 16 head Mr. Belair and Prime Minister Mr. Churchill to bring a reputedly fertile clergyman, Mullah Pofaki, to impregnate her. However, doubts arise about the Queen’s ability to conceive due to menopause, and a curse from Mrs. Witch Johnson complicates things even further.

In the meantime, Cinderella seeks the help of Mrs. Witch Johnson to marry Edward, while Fabiana competes with her mother for his affections. At a royal party, Fabiana almost wins Edward over until Mrs. Witch Johnson intervenes, and Fabiana finds solace in the arms of William, her stable boy.

As the Queen’s plans come to fruition, Edward is dethroned and offered a role as the king of movies in Tinywood, California. Cinderella becomes the queen of Tinywood, Fabiana becomes an actress and finds love with Petty Pit, and William finds another girl to work with at the old house of Fabiana. The Queen gives birth to her heir, Charles, and the cycle of colonial exploitation continues.

This tale of love, betrayal, and political intrigue will keep you riveted until the very end. With unexpected twists and turns, the story highlights the lengths people will go to secure power and the sacrifices they are willing to make along the way.

Writer : Ramin Ghayoori

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