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Kaali Maati


This is a biopic of a farmer from Pune District who yields harvest of gold from the black soil. Dnyaneshwar Bodke is the central character of this story. After a basic secondary education and a nine to five job, he was certain that this was not a life that he wanted. He decided to do farming on his own farm land. An office job was any day better, than farming which did not yield anything but losses, was the advice given to him by his parents. But he stayed firm on his decision. Get married before quitting the job… was the advice given by his parents, as no father would want his daughter to get married to a farmer. Dnyaneshwar agreed, though reluctantly. He left his job to do farming full time and surrendered his fate to the soil. With hard labour and complete dedication, he tilled the soil so well that miracle happened. A loss making farmland was thus transformed into a successful enterprise with a turnover of 400 crores.  We have all seen the stories of farmers who lost hopes and committed suicides. Now, we want to depict the story of Dnyaneshwar, who could change the course of his life with sheer will and courage. We are sure that this film will encourage the younger generation to look at farming as a good career and will help improve farming’s image in the society’s psyche. 

Director – Hemantkumar Mahale

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