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Pacing The Pacific


46 days. That might seem like a reasonable amount of time to try a new diet, read every day, or work out each morning. For Karel Sabbe, this is the amount of time he took to complete a supported run of the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) in record time, averaging over 50 miles a day, from Mexico to Canada.

Karel’s ability to endure and overcome sufferfests is an experience that is unknowable to almost every other human. Yet, unlike most world-class athletes who exclusively train and compete for a living; Karel is—on the surface—an ordinary man. A husband, father, outdoor enthusiast, and a man with a day job. He schedules his runs around his appointments as a dentist, not around physio and nutrition experts’ recommendations.

The beautiful thing about supported running records like this one is that Karel got to share this experience with his incredible crew, consisting of his wife, child, and closest friends. Karel’s gratitude for this opportunity is palpable throughout his journey; he even spends his last mile of trail reflecting on his favorite moments—Karel embodies what it means to Venture Beyond.

Director : Sunn Kim

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