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Summer Kite


“Summer Kite” is a captivating music video that takes viewers on a journey through a vibrant, quilled-paper animated world. 

Featuring electronic producer/DJ Peter Spacey and singer-songwriter Loren Noyman, this electronic-indie-pop track seamlessly blends upbeat, danceable choruses with introspective verses, visually manifesting the lyrical meaning accordingly. 

The video showcases a skillful direction that employs innovative animation techniques and striking aesthetics, and a keen artistic vision, creating a compelling contrast between the joyful energy and deeper emotions of the lyrics.

During the danceable sections, colorful kites fill the sky, while in the verses, the redhead main character, inspired by
singer Loren Noyman, reflects by a lake, contemplating love and loss.

Peter Spacey makes a special appearance during the synth solo part, integrated into the animated world with innovative Cutting Edge effects. Summer Kite” is a visually stunning and emotionally resonant experience that invites audiences to dance, reminisce, and enjoy the beauty of music and visuals, as well as appreciate the director’s remarkable vision and execution.

Director : Omer Luz

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