Allen And Them


Allen is the token white guy and respectful, but a bit of a big mouth, think Jesse Plemons. His roommate, Terrance Johnson, is the African-American of the group and he is outgoing, but easily offended, like Lakeith Stanfield. The other roommate, Jessie Lee, is our Chinese American in the group and he is quiet but outgoing when he has to be, think Steven Yeun. The final roommate is Byran Rodriguez, who is politically active but suave Mexican-American, like Tyler Posey.
Our pilot begins as Allen and his new friends drive around Los Angeles. They first start their hangout at a Mexican restaurant and get to know each other. Soon after, they go through Chinatown. Jessie is driving and does not like Chinatown. Byran ends up having to use the restroom, but Allen starts complaining. His new friends start make racist comments because Allen is trying to stop them from using the bathroom.
The group of friends finally stop at a playground and Byran leaves to use the bathroom. Allen feels uncomfortable stopping at the playground. Jessie is confused, and Allen thinks that he could be shanked at the playground. However, there is only little Asian kid that goes down the slide, enjoying himself with a huge smile on his face. Soon enough, Byran enters back into the car. Jessie gets angry with Allen, causing Allen to accidentally say that the area is not safe with all the bad Chinese drivers. At this moment everyone gets angry with Allen and call him a racist. Unfortunately, at the peak of anger, Jessie’s car breaks down.
So, they go to the nearest body shop and drop it off for repairs. Allen tries to make his new friends like him again, so he tells them that dinner is on him. The rest of the group gives in and they decide to take the offer. Allen and his friends walk around, looking for a place to eat. Byran wants “fuh,” and Terrance starts using “fuh” in his sentences. However, Allen does not know what “fuh” is leading to Jessie getting angry with Allen because he does not know the difference between Chinese food and Vietnamese food. After an awkward dinner, they all return back to the car. Allen decides to pay for all of the service to the car and everyone likes him until another day.

Writter – Alex Stathis

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