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LOGLINE / PREMISE: In a world where superheroes are illegal, ordinary cops are responsible for solving mind-bending supervillain murder cases. Luci, a fearless blind detective, must overcome her insecurities to catch an invisible serial killer and a shape-shifting criminal.

Supercrime is the pilot episode of a subversive, genre-bending and post-modern take on mystery and superhero genres, tying it to the marginalization of minorities and the military dictatorship in Brazil.

FIRST SEASON SYNOPSIS: In the great São Paulo of an alternate reality, people born with superpowers are required to take a mandatory vaccine that makes them powerless. Those who oppose this rule and decide to keep their powers automatically become enemies of the State and are excluded from society, having to resort to crime to survive. The government then intervenes by creating a department within the civil police specialized in investigating Supers, the N.O.R.M.A.L. Agency. In this place, a detective named Luci is constantly underestimated due to her visual impairment, being assigned to file records instead of solving cases. However, everything changes when an invisible man kills someone from within N.O.R.M.A.L., and Luci realizes she is the only person capable of solving the case. Teaming up with an intern with photographic memory named Erick, they also have to stop a man with superstrength from cheating in wrestling championships, find a serial killer who murders his victims through telepathy, among various other types of unconventional crimes. At the end of the season, Luci and Erick infiltrate a Super headquarter and must convince them that they too have superpowers. Using her disability to lie about having ‘super hearing’ and ‘super smell,’ Luci realizes she is not so different from them, and that maybe the government is wrong about these people.

Director : Joaquim Coelho

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