Best Original Music

Summer Kite

Overview “Summer Kite” is a captivating music video that takes viewers on a journey through a vibrant, quilled-paper animated world. 
 Featuring electronic producer/DJ Peter Spacey and singer-songwriter Loren Noyman, this electronic-indie-pop track seamlessly blends upbeat, danceable choruses with introspective verses, visually manifesting the lyrical meaning accordingly.  The video showcases a skillful direction that employs …

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Our Triumphant Holy Day

Overview OUR TRIUMPHANT HOLY DAY chronicles filmmaker Greg Di Roma’s journey on a pilgrimage into the Holy Land in Israel and Palestine with 28 other pilgrims in January 2020. The film explores major sites of the Holy Land and their impact on Salvation History. The pilgrims follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ and discover the …

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