The Girl with the Fork

Overview Anna and Mike are married. Paul is Celia’s father. They all have secrets to hide. They all are contacted by a mysterious group with unclear intentions who knows the truth. Director : Ignacio Maiso


Overview What started out as a night drive, turns into a horrifying encounter with three werewolf women. Director : Christopher Oliver

Meeting Juan Jones

Overview Tim a down-on-his-luck amateur crypto currency trader with marital problems loses his life’s savings after an insider tip goes wrong. When Patti, Tim’s wife, doesn’t make their dinner date, Tim meets a cocky and corrupt man by the name of Juan Jones (Alejo Vega). Juan befriends Tim and convinces him he can recuperate his …

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Overview LOGLINE / PREMISE: In a world where superheroes are illegal, ordinary cops are responsible for solving mind-bending supervillain murder cases. Luci, a fearless blind detective, must overcome her insecurities to catch an invisible serial killer and a shape-shifting criminal. Supercrime is the pilot episode of a subversive, genre-bending and post-modern take on mystery and …


Monument to Love

Overview “Monument to Love” features a journey with my mother, Ika Comforty Ovadia, for over 25 years to research, document, and uncover the narrative of the Jewish people during the Holocaust in Bulgaria. As our journey progressed, Ika’s personal story unfolded. She shared memories and read passages from her diary which revealed her observations, thoughts …

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Overview Every fiction story written by someone contains a bit of fiction and a lot of truth and personal experience. After all, only the story for which you rip out a part of your soul will truly come to life. Director :  Ilia Smirnov


Overview Mary Ann, a twelve-year-old child born from sex tourism, survives in the slum of Angeles City, Manila. Determined to make it out, she is ready to do anything to find her father. Director : Léa-Jade Horlier