Home For Christmas

Overview Kayla Brennan and Miles Walker discover that attending their ten-year high school reunion offers them a second chance at love and a heartfelt understanding of the importance of being home for Christmas. Director – Joseph Anthony Francis


Overview The story of a son’s love for his mother. Luda is trying to cope with alcohol addiction and return to normal life, find a job, break with the past, be together with her son. But the past is coming back and there are fewer and fewer forces to resist, and then there are handouts …

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Overview Island is a silent piece that depicts the life in an Island. Using island as a place and a metaphor for life, I interpret my own life in a dance piece. Inspired by all the islands I have lived in my life- London, Manhattan, and Jeju Island, I use dance as means of communication …

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The Corona Dialogues – LockDown 2o2o

Overview Built from segments in the award-winning web-series The Corona Dialogues: Lindsay Grundman, must juggle the needs of her parents, her brother and her brother’s agent by teleconference while navigating the future of her own career as a television executive during the first months of the pandemic shutdown. Director – Dylan Brody


Overview This is original song written by Tomi Christiansson, the singer and the guitar player in this take. This song is planned to be sent to competitions as a composition or a music video. All the sounds are real, this is live playing: same time filmed by one take by purpose and the idea is …

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